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You are not alone. Most people experience feelings of being stuck, anxious, depressed, lonely, unlovable and afraid. When we finally admit to our feelings, it can be difficult to know how to engage and deal with the issues they present and with whom. That’s when you need a safe place to process your emotions, gain clarity and look forward from these feelings with a trusted companion and confidante.

It would be my honor to create that safe place with and for you as we begin your journey inward. I believe in your ability to discover and create the life you wish for and deserve. Above all, I offer a compassionate, non-judgmental and caring space as you embark on your journey to find YOU.

Our work together will be an interactive process about identifying your feelings, finding understanding, learning coping skills and most importantly – finding a greater sense of purpose and joy in both accepting, and being YOU.

"Though your destination is not yet clear you can trust the promise of this opening; Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning that is at one with your life’s desire." From “For a New Beginning” by John O’Donahue

What can we work on together?

Life transitions

Substance use

Worry, ruminating thoughts

Anxiety, panic attacks

Mood swings and bipolar

Grief and loss

Sadness and depression



Overwhelming emotions

Caregiver support

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My Services

Individual Counseling

Whether you have worked with a therapist, coach or counselor before or this is your very first time, you should find the experience to be insightful and helpful. Individual counseling is a space to share whatever you want without judgement and an opportunity to explore your inner psyche and self.  Throughout the process, I will be a companion and confidante as you identify your emotions and the issues that are troubling you and impeding inner peace. Our time is confidential and private. Schedule a FREE CONSULT.

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Young couple having marriage counselling

Couples Counseling

Relationships are innate to human existence, a bold, but true statement. Therefore, a healthy relationship with your spouse or significant other is of utmost importance; to function within that relationship and to be able to function successfully in other relationships as well. Couples therapy can help open or re-establish the lines of communication, renew mutual interest and rebuild the trust that makes for a rewarding and intimate relationship. Schedule a FREE CONSULT.

Family Counseling

A family relationship is only as healthy as the most troubled family member; if one member exhibits unhealthy behaviors, that puts a strain on the entire family dynamic. Often, troubling behavior is symptomatic of an imbalance within that family dynamic. By working with all members of the family; whether individually and together, we work to strengthen the bonds of attachment and acceptance and build a healthy foundation for the future. Schedule a FREE CONSULT.

Couple talking to family counselor

Alcohol & Drug Counseling

Those in recovery or newly exploring their substance use issues, should note I have a caring, honest and non-judgmental approach to my work. As a certified Substance Use Disorder Professional, Mental Health Therapist and someone who is in recovery myself, I understand these issues intimately. Living with addiction has a ripple effect both on the individual and the world around them, especially family. I believe those experiencing substance use issues need a confidante and companion on their journey toward recovery. I work with all age groups, couples and families. Schedule a FREE CONSULT.

Holistic Life Coaching

There are many times in our lives that we struggle with the decisions or choices we find ourselves contemplating. The input coming in around the question can be overwhelming; advice, emotion, physical health, past trauma, boundaries and worry all come raining down, drowning out our ability to move forward and decide.

As a certified Holistic Life Coach, I am trained to help you see more clearly where you are today, navigate the input that clouds your thinking, and help you find ways to move towards your goals.

Mother and daughter holding hands

Public Speaking; Speaking Engagements, Education

In my counseling work I find deep concerns around our innate need for connection – particularly emotional connection, and how much it can be lacking in our lives. A common thread that weaves through virtually all my encounters with individuals, couples and families is a sense of loss or loneliness stemming from a lack of emotional connection within the individual and/or in the relationships the individual has with others. Communication around connection is a vital dialog for all aspects of our lives.

Additionally, I am a recovering addict and alcoholic who works intensively with individuals, couples and families that are struggling with the fallout of substance use and behavioral addictions.

I would be honored to share with your organization my insights into these important issues.

Schedule a FREE CONSULT.

"What clients say"

I wanted to say how lucky we are to have you helping us and our son. You are incredibly generous and compassionate and I hope that he can learn from you to help himself to become the person I know he can and I think wants to be. I honestly, I am in awe of you.


 I’d like to thank you. (Our son) actually socialized at a graduation party Friday night and had two opportunities to leave early and go home, and he opted to stay. He has had extreme trouble being around any kind of a social situation. It wasn’t that long ago, on his Spring Break, that I wanted him to get together with some of his friends, at least once during the break, and he didn’t. Honestly, I attribute this to the work you have been doing with him. Thank you!! 

D. K.

M. and I want to share with you how deeply we appreciate the work you have been doing with us in our relationship. Not only is our day to day life much better, but we can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. We look forward to our continuing sessions and your insight and guidance. 

R. P.

Hey man, I just want you to know that you are my rock as I figure out my recovery. Your help has been more valuable than all the 8 inpatients and I don't know how many outpatients I've been to. Peace.

North Bend, WA

Sedona, AZ


425 260 1767


425 260 1767



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