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Psychotherapy - Alcohol & Drug Counseling

You are not alone. We all experience feelings of being stuck, anxious, depressed, lonely and fearful. When we face these feelings it can be difficult to know how to engage and deal with the issues they present. Perhaps you are in need of a place to process and gain clarity around life’s transitions, relationships, or loss.

It would be my honor to provide that safe place to help you look inward. I believe in your ability to find the life you wish to live and above all, offer a compassionate, non-judgmental and caring space for finding the new you.
Finding counseling
Counseling together
Our work together will be a supportive and interactive process finding understanding, learning skills and most importantly – finding a greater sense of purpose and joy in your life.

What can we work on together?

  • Life transitions
  • Substance use
  • Worry, ruminating thoughts
  • Anxiety, panic attacks
  • Trauma
  • Sadness and depression
  • Mood swings and bipolar
  • Grief and loss
  • Relationships
  • Overwhelming emotions
  • Caregiver support

Though your destination is not yet clear you can trust the promise of this opening; Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning that is at one with your life’s desire.

From “For a New Beginning” by John O’Donahue

Finding help in counseling
Individual Counseling
Whether you’ve ever worked with a therapist or this is your first time, you will find the experience to be rewarding and helpful. Where else can you say whatever you want and not be judged while finding guidance to your inner self?  And as a result find help with issues that are troubling you, and it’s all absolutely confidential and private. Call for your free consultation today.
Couples Counseling

Relationships are the key to human existence. A big statement – but true. And the relationship with your spouse or significant other is of utmost importance in being able to function in other relationships.  Couples therapy allows you to re-establish the attachment and closeness that makes for a rewarding relationship. Call for your free consultation today.

Family Counseling
So many times a troubled member of a family exhibits behaviors that  strain the entire family. And most of the time we find that the troubling behavior is a result of an imbalance  in the family dynamic. Working with all members of the family helps to strengthen the bonds of attachment and build resilience for the future. Call for a free consultation.
Alcohol & Drug Counseling
I offer a caring, non-judgmental approach to working with substance use issues. I’m a certified Chemical Dependency Professional as well as  a Mental Health Therapist. And I’m in recovery myself. I personally know how these issues can effect a family. I work with all age groups, couples and families experiencing substance use issues through counseling and assessments. Call for your free phone consultation.

What I offer…

What is Holistic Therapy? It’s a process based on looking at all the parts of you –  inner and outer.  Traditional talk therapy is an important part,  but the holistic approach involves much more. Our minds, bodies and spirits are linked in a complex dance of wellness, and if any part is out of step our physical and mental health will suffer. That’s why learning skills such as mindfulness is so important. In order to be our best selves, balanced and vibrating, we have to address the body, mind and spirit as a whole. And that’s what Holistic Therapy helps us do – finding that balance that gives us the opportunity to be all that we can be.

My take on therapy…

Provider of counseling
I draw from many techniques of therapy as we work together. From the traditional menu I work with existential, narrative, cognitive behavioral, dialectical behavioral, family systems, solution focused, and psychodynamic modalities. All this simply means that I have a varied bag of techniques that I can use allowing me to tailor your therapy to you.  I also use the Gottman Method and attachment theory in relationship work.  From the non-traditional menu I work with mindfulness, stress reduction, somatic psychology, and mindsight. These are techniques that I will help you to  learn so that you can be more self-aware and begin to help yourself. The combination of the traditional and non-traditional help to provide the basis for a strong well-being of mind, body, brain and relationships.



I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor  in the State of Washington (LH.60917633), holding a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Saybrook University – Leadership Institute of Seattle. I also am a certified Chemical Dependency Professional in the State of Washington (CP 60682694), completing that education at Bellevue College.  I have worked in community health in the Seattle area and at several mental health and substance use agencies. I work as a trauma informed therapist.

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