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Fixing The Fixer

Greg continues to talk about the topic of listening and how when we listen it’s usually with cognitive bias or as a “Fixer.” He spends a lot of time talking about “The Fixer” and their origin story; where their need for answers, control and fear of emotion began. He also explains why they need to be met with compassion versus frustration. Stacy asks lots of questions on the topic since she relates to The Fixer.


Emotional Connection Starts with Reflection

Greg responds to a follow up question to last week’s episode about what emotional connection means by explaining how our past (infancy) subconsciously informs our present. Greg ends with a guided mediation that takes the listener back to a once-attuned connection, to illustrate what is possible with self and others.

The Need For Emotional Connection

Greg and Stacy Heller talk about The Need For Emotional Connection.

Getting to the root of the matter is key to solving problems and improving lives. It helps to have a guiding light when taking on life’s struggles and digging down to the root of the situation.
At the Root, hosted by Greg Kiper, is just such a light. Tune in weekly for this informative and healing program.

Connection is Integration, NOT Assimilation

Greg talks about missing connections during the pandemic and about how connection to self is the first step to integration with others.

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