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Our True Selves are in there Somewhere

Greg looks at ways we can start to overcome the unconscious patterning of our insecurely attached past – allowing us to live in the present moment.


Have you ever been accused of not listening in a relationship? Your partner lets you know that he or she
is not being heard, and furthermore, you’re told you keep trying to “fix” the situation or issue that’s
being shared with you. Listening with our hearts as well as our ears is a key component in an attuned
and secure relationship. If this unconscious lack of validation goes on for years, the relationship can’t
grow. Eventually one or the other withdraws into themselves, tired of hoping to be heard. If this sounds
familiar, this playlist of 8 podcast episodes is for you. Listen to them in order with your partner. I believe
they will help.

All humans are born with an innate need for connection. How we experience connection early on in our lives is critical to our emotional development and leads the way to how we interact in relationships as we mature. We start pretty much as an open book – a bundle of emotions and responses to interactions with our caregivers. We develop an Attachment Style with those caregivers and others of influence in our lives. This style can be secure or insecure. Join in learning about attachment systems and how your past may be controlling your present. Explore attachment with Greg and his clients Tony and Sara.


Greg Kiper Counseling
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