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The Grateful Dead's lyrics have been ringing especially true as I've been thinking about this last year. Long – maybe; strange - without a doubt! Who could have ever imagined the script of 2020? Truth is indeed stranger than fiction and in this case, it’s also acutely painful – it’s almost too much even for a blockbuster movie plot.

Hopefully, there will come a time when we can look back at 2020 and re-frame it; somehow finding the gift or opportunity it granted us. It seems ludicrous to even entertain that idea right now since the strange trip is not over yet.

I started this year in a very good place emotionally, spiritually and physically. Personally and professionally, life was good. I was passionately working with people in need every day, and my heart felt good as I knew that I was truly helping them overcome tremendous obstacles. Today, the stress and anxiety that I see in my clients as a result of COVID has eclipsed working on those obstacles. I have been very fortunate; I have remained healthy and I’m still able to work. I feel a twinge of guilt when I say that; many people can't come close to being able to say that – they’ve lost so much. I do find some comfort in knowing that if I weren’t healthy and secure, I wouldn’t have been able to help as many people as I have.

At the start of 2020, I had great plans for expanding the ways I could help, finding inspiration and passion around a message that has grown steadily inside me since I started doing this work. The damage inflicted on the human spirit this last year has only fueled this passion and witnessing the suffering firsthand has only made me more resilient and determined to deliver the message. In fact, it has consumed me to a point I can no longer ignore; therefore, I stand tall and ready, a little beat up, but nothing compared to the suffering of so many others. In some twisted way this last year has strengthened my resolve, better prepared me for what’s next and confirmed what I’m called to do.

This seemingly endless year has also given me the space to allow this to happen more organically - more from my heart. I'm pretty sure before COVID forced my hand, I was pushing against the flow and not listening to my own voice of truth.

Now, the great plans to share my message of connection through awareness are unfolding at just the right time. I’ve found several platforms from which to open a dialogue. From regular blog posts like this one and an on-demand webinar series to a live, weekly radio show starting in 2021, that will be recorded as a podcast for on-demand listening – all will provide an opportunity for learning, awareness and connection. It’s all just starting, and so far, the reception and support have been great!

My blog, Rooted in Connection, is up and running and I will post new material about this exciting topic regularly. My first webinar in what I hope will be a series, "Connection Through Awareness" is available to watch on my website and I’ll share details about my show and podcast, At the Root in early 2021.

I invite you to follow along and participate as we explore together how to be more connected with our inner-selves and others. To access these resources, go to my website www.kipercounseling.com. Under the Resources tab you’ll find my blog, webinar series and eventually, a link to my podcast. You can sign up to receive notifications about new content (your information will not be shared or abused with constant emails - there is nothing more annoying to me than that very abuse when I sign up for something).

You can also follow my KiperCounseling page on Facebook, my kipercounseling Instagram account and connect with me on LinkedIn (Greg Kiper) for new and unique content.

I so look forward to sharing with you and together, healing ourselves through connection.

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