Individual Therapy

We all need some guidance from time to time. And that can be anything from learning skills and tools to cope with anxiety and stress to digging deep into our past relationships to uncover traumas that happened to us and affected our ability to function individually and in relationships today. I feel it’s important to do this exploration in a spirit of curiosity and adventure. Immediately, we will establish goals and objectives to put you on a path that provides hope. And from the onset, we will learn skills to help relieve distress and provide focus for the work we will be doing together as we examine the deeper hows and whys.

You’ll learn to:

  • Decrease problems with daily living
  • Increase your sense of joy and contentment
  • Repair and enhance relationships
  • Improve functioning at work
  • Increase activity, reduce social isolation

You’ll also learn about the fundamental ways our minds and bodies work together to provide enriching mental and physical health.

Our time together?

Close-up of therapist hand writing notes during a counseling ses

Our sessions together will last 50 minutes.
The first session will be a time for us to get to know a little about each other, and complete any remaining paperwork. We’ll also get a detailed idea of where we want to go, and how to achieve your goals in therapy. I’ll explain my process, and we’ll put together a plan that works best, knowing that it is flexible and open to change.

As we proceed in on-going sessions we will develop an alliance and a connection that will provide us with the insight we need to do the work.

How often should we meet?

It is important to meet as often as we can, a minimum of weekly if possible. Eventually we may decide to meet less frequently as you’re able to put into practice what you learn, and check in periodically for assessment of progress.

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