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Couples Counseling – Marriage Counseling

We are all deeply molded by our relationships with others. These relationships are formed and bonded from birth (such as with early caregivers) into early adulthood and provide the foundation for the way we function in our relationships today. Sometimes, that foundation isn’t as strong as we require so current relationships tilt on this rocky foundation, affected by past issues and present forces (like the myriad of daily stresses and commitments we all face). Couples therapy can help shore up and rebuild the foundation of your relationship – trust, communication and connection.


You’ll learn to:

  • Become friends again
  • Rekindle intimacy
  • Learn to communicate effectively and manage conflict
  • Build or repair trust and commitment
  • Turn towards each other to create shared meaning in your lives together

You’ll also learn about the fundamental ways our connections to others can enrich our lives. These connections support a healthy mind and promote integration in our brains, guiding us in creating the relationships that are best for us.

Our time

Young couple having marriage counselling

Sessions last 50 minutes. There may be times we decide a longer session is needed, those last generally 85 minutes.

  • The first session will be a time for us to get to know a little about each other, and to complete any remaining paperwork. We’ll also get a detailed idea of where we want to go, and how to achieve your goals in therapy. I’ll explain my process, and we’ll put together a plan that works best, knowing that it is flexible and open to change.
  • During the next session(s) I will learn about the timeline of your relationship and your relationship with family and friends. We will also explore what you know about each other, and discuss what each of you would like to see in the relationship going forward. You will be given some homework to complete.
  • Then, there will be individual sessions for each of you with me.
  • All of this work will set up our plan for going forward.

How often should we meet?

It is important to meet once a week, and unless otherwise agreed upon, both partners need be there for the work to be effective. There may come a point when we wish to move to every other week as you will be working on skills that you learn in therapy, on your own.

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