About Greg Kiper

I am a psychotherapist, holistic life coach, and substance use counselor. I am passionate about the juncture of metaphysics (energy work) and neuroscience (the science of our brains and nervous systems). These two schools of thought are no longer viewed as separate or contradictory – I research and combine these principles tirelessly in my practice.

I do have some spaghetti after my name, and while it does mean I am educated, trained, and certified to practice; what is most important to me, is that it allows me to be a constant companion and sometimes guide for my clients. I join others as they navigate unknown or unfamiliar areas of their psyche and spirit. I am there neither to provide all the answers, nor fix all the problems, rather I work to reconnect people with their authentic inner self so they can be their own healer, guide, and helper. It is a journey – and together we will approach it with a spirit of curiosity and adventure.

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About My Approach

I draw from multiple techniques of therapy in our work together. For a more traditional approach, I use Existential, Narrative, Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral, Family Systems, Psychodynamic, and Solution-focused modalities. What that simply means, is that I use varied techniques that I can readily call upon to tailor your therapeutic experience with your unique needs. For relationship work, I also use the Gottman Method and Attachment Theory. From a more non-traditional approach, I work with Mindfulness, Stress ReductionSomatic Psychology, and Mindsight. These are techniques I will introduce you to so that you can be more self-aware and begin to help and heal yourself. Using a combination of traditional and non-traditional approaches to therapy provides a strong foundation of mind, body, and spirit.

About My Qualifications

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Washington (LH.60917633), holding a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Saybrook University – Leadership Institute of Seattle. I also am a certified Substance Use Disorder Professional in the State of Washington (CP 60682694), completing that education at Bellevue College.  I have worked in community health in the Seattle area and at several mental health and substance use agencies. I work as a trauma-informed therapist.

About My Take On Therapy

I embrace a holistic approach to my life and with my practice and patients. Holistic Therapy is a process based on looking at ALL the parts of you; both inside and out.  Traditional talk therapy is important, however, a holistic approach involves going deeper. Our minds, bodies, and spirits are in a constant complex dance of harmony and balance; if any part falls out of step, our physical and mental health suffers. That’s why learning skills such as mindfulness is so important. To be our best selves, balanced and vibrating, we must address the body, mind, and spirit. That is what Holistic Therapy does, it finds the balance that allows us to be all that we can be.

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